Verizon and AT&T Ban Senior Discounts

92% of seniors in the U.S. can’t get a 55+ discount from Verizon or AT&T because they don’t live in Florida. 92%!! The Un-carrier is here to help.

Until Verizon and AT&T offer senior discounts outside of Florida, we’re helping their customers get access to the wireless discounts they deserve as part of our Carrier Callout.

Three Ways to Get a 55+ Discount

Even if you’re not a T-Mobile customer, there are still a few ways you can get around Verizon and AT&T’s ludicrous practices.

Switch to T-Mobile

Switch to T-Mobile

T-Mobile Unlimited 55+ plans are available anywhere in the U.S. (not just in Florida) on a network that’s bigger and better than ever. Plans start at just $55 for two people (yes, just $27.50 per line with 5G included).

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Move to Florida

Move to Florida

If you want to keep Verizon or AT&T and aren’t ready to switch… move to Florida. Yes, we agree, it seems extreme. Blame Verizon and AT&T.

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Get a Virtual Florida Mailbox

Get a Virtual Florida Mailbox

Set up a virtual Florida mailbox to get a Florida address without actually living in Florida. Yes, it’s still a lot of hoops to jump through, plus a monthly fee that eats away from the discount, but at least you don’t have to pack anything.

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AT&T customers must visit a store to verify eligibility.

Looking for a 55+ Discount?

T-Mobile offers discounted 55+ plans all across the country. Verizon and AT&T? Not so much.

T-Mobile map highlighting all contiguous states
Verizon map highlighting only Florida
AT&T map highlighting only Florida
Maps do not depict coverage.


The Wireless Discount Information Center helps Verizon and AT&T customers 55 years and older get information on how to get a senior discount on their wireless bill. Unfortunately, Verizon and AT&T only offer 55+ discounts to seniors living in Florida – crazy, right? – so anyone 55+ living in the other 49 states isn’t eligible for a 55+ discount. We are here to help seniors get a 55+ discount and call out the carriers for only offering Floridians a 55+ discount. 

The center provides links and information on how Verizon or AT&T customers, living outside of Florida, can secure a “virtual mailbox” to give them a Florida address, which is needed to be eligible for a 55+ discount. We’ve also partnered with a real estate agent to help Verizon and AT&T customers 55+ buy property in Florida. Despite the carriers trying their best to ban 55+ discounts to seniors in 49 states, the Wireless Discount Information Center helps find ways around the ridiculous restrictions! 

Nobody really knows. This adds to a long list of weird decisions Verizon and AT&T have made over the years disregarding customer needs. 

T-Mobile has 55+ plans available no matter what state you live in. The basic unlimited plan for people 55 years or older – Essentials 55+ – saves people 50% compared to AT&T and Verizon. T-Mobile also has other discounted 55+ plans that include Netflix and AAA free for a year. Combined with the largest, fastest and most reliable nationwide 5G network, T-Mobile provides incredible value to anyone 55 or older.

We set up shop outside of Sun City, Arizona, which is one of the largest retirement communities in the country. We chose this location to reach the most Verizon and AT&T customers 55+ as possible. is an offshoot of the Wireless Discount Information Center and created for anyone 55+ across the country seeking a senior discount on his/her wireless bill. Similar to the Discount Center, the website provides links and resources to help seniors save money on their wireless plans.

It would, and that is the point. It makes no sense why you can’t get a 55+ discount in the town you grew up in or now choose to call home…even if it’s outside of Florida.

This is the second time T-Mobile has stepped in to call out Verizon and AT&T. Completely bonkers. Check out to learn more.